Health Insurance

Health insurance for student is between $110-150 per month depending on coverage.

There are particular Insurance Companies in Azerbaijan.

If you want to get a Medical Insurance , then you can choose one among  Insurance companies that offer this service.

Some of well-known Insurance Companies in  Azerbaijan  are :

Azerbaijan Republic State Insurance Commerce Company

No Insurance Companies web
1. PAŞA Sığorta
2. Buta Sığorta
3. Rəvan Sığorta
4. Bakı Sığorta
5. AIG htpp://
6. Alfa Insurance
7. AON – Azerbaijan
8. A-Group sığorta
9. Ata Sığorta
10. Atəşgah
12. Azer-Asiya
13. Azərsığorta
14. Azsığorta
15. Başak İnam
16. BE&G
17. Beynəlxalq Sığorta Şirkəti
18. Birlik Siğorta
19. Era Trans
20. Thames Insuranse Group
21. Xalq Sığorta
22. Qarant Sığorta
23. Standard Insurance

We would highly recommend to go to this website to get precise info about latest prices and services provided by each Insurance Company in Azerbaijan.

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